Monday, August 19, 2013

B16 optional blog H. summer reading program

H. The summer reading program of doom

I participated in a summer reading program only once. It was around 4th or 5th grade and i remember being incredibly excited about the prospect of getting prizes just for reading. it was one of those rewards programs, you see, and you got better prizes the pages you read in 3 months. This sounded like a great deal because i was planning to read through the summer anyways. It didn't turn out so great though. there were certain books that had been determined to be harder and thus got you more points plus it was all on a per page basis.  This resulted in me ending up picking only books with sparse word count per page (which ended up being boring) and books with a ton of pages in the list because they got me more points, not because i actually had any interest in their contents. but i did it. i read a lot and racked up an amount of points to be proud of.only to discover that i was virtually the only kid who didn't cheat. There were kids who would get irritated reading the label on their soda can riding home on brand new scooters. lets just say i never did that again and stuck to reading what i liked.

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