Tuesday, July 23, 2013


1) Illustrative summer photo of me:

Hello dear friends, acquaintances, admirers, classmates, and strange internet relations, my name is charlie (or Charles, either is fine) and i am apparently starting this blog to write about fairy tale morality. Hopefully i will discover what that phrase actually means before i get too far into this literary escapade. I am writing to you, whoever you may be, from glorious San Francisco the city of...uh..hills..and fog and stuff. Soon i will leaving the bay to head back to the crime ridden streets of Vallejo, then on to salt lake city( home of the Mormons, tall white men with naturally neon orange Afros, and ihops that close at 8 o'clock) and finally, in a few days, back to Fort Collins, Colorado where i shall continue this one sided dialogue. (which i suppose contradicts the definition of a dialogue unless one of you actually decides, god forbid, to post a real bonafide comment which would be great because it's no fun writing for web bots)

I am a senior in the last stages of a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) and i am taking this class because i like children's fairy tales, i like reading way farther into things than can possibly be healthy, i enjoy writing silly things and i desperately need the credit if i am to graduate from the illustrious University of Denver this coming fall quarter. I am taking it online because i am currently in California to build art cars and various human powered contraptions with obtanium works and, since i have recently moved my place of residence from Denver to Fort Collins, the 90 minute commute every day would be just plain silly. I have not taken any online classes previously and i have no idea how i'm doing so far but i am fairly confident that i'm already failing in some respect. I promise to try harder in the future.


  1. Charlie,

    First of all,love the picture! What medium of art is your favorite? I am a huge admirer of art but, alas, have absolutely no talent. Sounds like you're moving around a lot and will be all over this summer. Safe travels and I look forward to hearing more from you!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your introduction and look forward to your upcoming posts Charlie. You have a great sense of humor, and also have no idea what the phrase fairy tale morality means. So we have that in common. Not to mention the fact we are both failing and promise to 'try harder' in the future (a lie told many times, at least for me). I am excited to view your perspective on children's books and to see exactly HOW far you will read into them.... Regards, a strange internet companion and fellow classmate, Michael S.

  3. Hi Charlie,
    I hope you are enjoying San Francisco! I will never forget the vacation I took there. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was fun and exciting. I hope you are enjoying your summer, specially having the opportunity to visit so many different places.
    I look forward to reading your next blog posts!
    Talk to you again soon.
    Nicole Sardo

  4. Charlie,

    Digging the Steam Punk outfit! Wondering what the gizmo in your hand is??? And what event you attended to justify such an awesome attire? I share the concern that I am already failing in some aspect of this course without knowing what it is... We shall see how it goes. I enjoyed reading your post! Not sure how much work you need to do on your writing abilities, but a bit of practice never hurt anyone I suppose...

  5. Charlie - welcome to the class. I'm also very interested in your outfit, and your art projects. Please do let us know what fun things you are up to! Neither you, nor Michael, nor Emmit are so far anywhere in danger of failing! You've got the idea, just keep it up! :)

  6. Hey Charlie,
    I enjoyed reading your first post! I am a senior this year as well and love a good children's fairy tale so we have that in common. Looking forward to reading more posts and getting to know you over the next few weeks.

  7. Hey Charlie,
    I liked your first post. My brother jsut moved to San Fran so I think I too will be making a trip out there this summer. Im looking forward to reading your posts!

    Morgan Van Riper-Rose

  8. Hi Charlie,

    What a great post. You're building art cars? So something much like those RedBull commercials with the crazy cars? I went to an art car museum in Texas and they are amazing! They look like so much fun to do but I am no where near artistic! I look forward to your blog post.

  9. Hey Charlie,
    Loved reading that, please don't try harder in the future because that was awesome. Sounds like your living the life! Looking forward to seeing how you interpret these stories way to far :)

  10. Hi Charlie,
    I enjoyed your blog very much. It was very funny. I also like the picture that you posted. I was more interested in the outfit that you were wearing and if you had any particular reason for wearing it or if it was just the norm for you. I am also going to be a senior this year but probably not till winter. I hope to get to know you better over the next 4-3.5 weeks.

  11. Hey Charlie!
    I definitely enjoyed your first blog post, I even laughed a little! Welcome to your first online class. Hopefully you have a good experience! I think its awesome that you are building art cars! I going to the art car parade in Houston every year and every time I am blown away!
    - Katelyn

  12. Your job sounds very interesting! Of course working in California is very enticing as well. I bet you are happy to know you aren't the only other male in the class!

  13. Hi Charlie,

    I just checked out your link to art cars and it looks really fun! That's such an interesting art medium. I am curious about your photo...but at the same time, it looks like one of those things where it's more fun not to ask and just assume you wear the giant hand on a daily basis.

    Definitely excited to read more goofy posts from you!

    -Emma Murugaverl